With us having spent many months in lockdown this Year, I wanted to let my daughter relax, have some fun and enjoy Halloween but without worrying about too many rules and regulations. Because let’s face it, there’s been a ton of those this Year.

I decided that the easiest and most carefree way to do this was as a family at home. There’s lots of activities you can do and why not spend some more time as a family letting your uncut hair down and having some silly, spooky fun.


Goes without saying. Get into the theme with some awesome costumes and makeup. Buy them or get creative and make your own using a sewing machine or a glue gun and hand sewing. There’s no need to be neat or to over complicate it and there’s lots of inspiration out there.

Decorating your home

Get the older kids to be creative and help you decorate the house or a room. You could go all out and decorate inside or outside. Pumpkins, cauldrons, spooky spiders, webs and bats. The only limit is your imagination. I’ve always found it fun carving pumpkins with the kids too. Well I carve them and they just draw what they like and tell me what to do. But they love scooping out the centre.

Spooky food

Have fun creating cupcakes or decorating biscuits with a Halloween theme. You can buy cake toppers, pre made cake mixes and decorations to make it easier to do. Leave everything out on a decorating table and let the kids create some magic. They’ll probably surprise you with their Halloween creations.

We’re going on a treat hunt

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt for treats! You can leave and hide clue cards around the house for the kids to follow or plan for your street to place out Halloween items and for every pumpkin or Halloween item they see, you add a treat to their lolly bag.

Halloween games

You can play pin the spider on the web by creating a web out of card or material and then you close your eyes, twirl around a few times and try to pin a spider on the web. The closest to the centre wins.

Spooky golf can be played indoors or outside. Similar to mini golf but you can use scary golf balls decorated as eye balls, pumpkins or ghosts. Bonus points for scaring someone while they try to hit the ball.

Ghost stories are always a winner. So find your best ones. Turn out the lights, grab a torch and put on your scariest voice.

Try decorating rocks in Halloween style and place them around the neighbourhood or your home. I posted my favourites here

So although Halloween will be a bit different this Year enjoy and capture the moment as it will still be loads of fun for everyone.

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