Becoming a mother has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things that I have ever done. It surpasses moving across various continents and attaining an array of qualifications and professional affiliations. I feel as if nothing quite prepared me for motherhood, despite the planning, researching and reading. The thing that shocked me the most was a requirement to trust my intuition more than I ever had before.

Becoming a mother

From the first moment my daughter was born via an emergency c-section and that’s a story in itself. My life has been filled with joy and frustration, smiles and tears, elation and exhaustion, being so busy, yet feeling so alone. I have and continue to experience a myriad of emotions that I never thought possible, sometimes at the same time. It’s a love that knows no bounds and a continuous learning curve, where nothing stays static.

Raising daughters

What I love the most about this journey is the bond between my daughter and I. I can see some of my traits in her, A type, perfectionist personality, which makes me smile and worry at the same time. I know that as I have used my experience to help others, I can do the same to educate and guide her, to find her own way in the world and just maybe she will listen and can possibly learn from my mistakes. Right now is an exciting time as there’s so much more awareness and knowledge about emotional intelligence and mindfulness and I feel that if this was taught when I was younger, I’d have had a lightbulb moment much earlier and would probably have created more balance in my life at a younger age.

Mothers day

A day to celebrate all kinds of mothers. Those that have and continue to influence us and the selflessness that comes with parenting. I think its a great way to spend time appreciating and connecting. Whether that be in a big or small way, it really is the thought that counts. Here’s just a few ideas;

  • Picnic in the park. A great way to connect surrounded by nature if the weather permits.
  • Try something new together. Maybe horse riding, hiking, an art class or gallery visit. It’s often those moments in time we reflect upon later.
  • A simple note, hug and chat over tea can mean the world to someone.
  • Movie night. Get creative with your movie choice and make sure there’s treats to enjoy too.
  • You could indugle in a pamper night. Foot soaks, light candles, face masks, delicious treats and maybe combine this with a movie.
  • Being apart from my own mother for most of 2020/21. I have loved sending beautiful gifts when I can and really love hampers such as these here (affiliate). Or you can just create your own selection too.

Whatever you choose to do is so precious between you both and I know that my love for my daughter has no bounds, seeing her happy means the world to me and those moments of connection so precious.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is of a general nature and is a reflection of my own personal experiences and thoughts. This should not be considered as individual advice.